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Kindergarten Teacher's Manual DL - Winter 2019

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Winter Topic: Acts 16-18, I and II Thessalonians,
Winter Décor Theme: Investigation Station (Detectives)

The exploits God did in the early church are not just historical stories for bygone days but a pattern for how today’s Apostolic church can operate. This quarter children (along with adults) will explore the exciting adventures of the first church. In so doing, the material will call them to identify their own roles in God’s kingdom, along with their responsibility to share the gospel.

The Kindergarten curriculum is designed to meet the needs of children in Pre-K (the year just before attending Kindergarten) and Kindergarten, roughly ages 4-5. These children are eager to learn and experience new adventures. This teacher’s manual puts into the teacher’s hand practical and exciting ideas to feed these hungry minds a well-balanced diet. Creative ideas are given for teaching the children as they play, give, and do. Every segment of the lesson reassures the children that God loves and cares for them. As the children learn basic Bible story facts about people who are part of His story, they will also hear how they too can be part of His story, using some of the same techniques, decisions, and thought processes that the Bible characters used.

Extra helps are included throughout the teacher’s manual such as Bible backgrounds, teacher insights that discuss characteristics of four- and five-year-olds, suggestions for working with those with special needs, and practical teaching tips that cover everything from clever craft ideas to dealing with discipline issues. All activities, memory work, games, and lessons are age-appropriate to meet the broad scope of the various students’ learning skills, while encouraging them to stretch their abilities.

In addition to a Kindergarten Teacher’s Manual for each teacher, Word Aflame recommends one Kindergarten Activity Paper per student, as well as one Kindergarten Resource Packet per class. When you purchase the teacher’s manual, you will find an access code inside that allows you to download free digital versions (PDFs and Word documents) of the manual for study on the go through your electronic devices.


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Jr. High - Student Handbook - Grades 7-9 Winter 2019
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Jr. High- Teacher's Manual with Download - Grades 7-9 Winter 2019
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Kindergarten - Teacher's Manual - Ages 4-5 Winter 2019