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TDP Elementary Starter Kit - Summer 2019

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Product Description

The Discipleship Project is an exciting new whole-church curriculum that brings together all ages of a congregation to study a single topic each week of the quarter with intentional emphasis on integrating the home and the church. Interested in The Discipleship Project but looking for fewer materials than provided in the entire children’s kit? Take advantage of the Elementary kit. Tailored for a older group of children, it provides the half of the children’s kit that covers the Early and Late Elementary age levels (first through sixth grade).

Leader’s Guides
A great lesson comes to life when a teacher feels confident and equipped. Designed intentionally for easy at-a-glance navigation, this eighty-page Leader’s Guide provides everything a teacher needs to direct a class through a lesson. The split-column design allows the teacher to easily move between toddler-specific content and kindergarten-specific content to pick the most age-appropriate material for the class.

Activity Papers
In addition to what happens inside the classroom, integration at home is critical for optimal discipleship. The Activity Paper is a key component in tying together what happens at church and at home. Every Activity Paper includes a two-sided sheet for each of the thirteen lessons in a quarter. The full-color front side provides an engaging activity kids complete in class with the teacher’s guidance. The black-and-white back contains an at-home activity for kids to complete with a parent or guardian to integrate the week’s concept in daily life. The convenient tear-off sheets in the pad help keep the classroom tidy and are easy for teachers to keep organized.

Resource Packets
Research suggests optimal learning involves all of the senses, and with the Resource Packet, teachers are equipped to engage the senses as they teach each lesson. Housed in a clear jumbo resealable bag, the packet includes artwork to illustrate major lesson points and Bible stories to go along with the teacher’s presentation of the Leader Guide.

Downloadable Resources
The Toddler-Kindergarten Starter Kit includes access to digital resources to supplement and enhance the learning experience that include music videos, training videos, PowerPoint files, and digital copies of the Leader’s Guide. To streamline the ordering process, the following materials for teaching children are packaged in this starter kit:

· 10 Activity Papers - 5 for each age level (Early Elementary and Late Elementary)
· 2 Elementary Resource Packets
· 2 Elementary Leader’s Guides
· Access to downloadable digital resources (Digital Children’s Church Guide, PowerPoint, music videos, training videos, digital copies of the Leader’s Guide)
(Additional Leader’s Guides, Resource Packets, and Activity Papers may be ordered after purchasing a Starter Kit.)

Early Elementary Activity Paper (28328) when you order 5. Late Elementary Activity Paper (28334) when you order 5.

Quantity Discounts: Receive a 20% discount on bundles of five or more Activity Papers or bundles of ten or more of Adult or Student Personal Discipleship Guides when you purchase them in addition to your starter kit.


TDP - Early & Late Elementary Leader's Guide Summer 2019
TDP - Early Elementary Activity Papers Summer 2019
TDP - Early/Late Elementary Resource Packet Summer 2019
TDP - Late Elementary Activity Papers Summer 2019


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